Customer Testimonials for Preloved Ride Factory


“It is such a great comfort to know that as a VIP Customer for Life Member of the Pre Loved Ride Factory, I never again have to step foot into a retail New or Used Auto Dealership.”
– Mr. TB Smith

“I never have to negotiate or deal with dishonest and unscrupulous car salespeople.”
– Ms. Tyra McNamara

“I am always protected with 24/7 Nationwide Emergency Roadside Assistance.”
– Mr. Nathaniel Dunlap

“My Pre Loved Ride will be always serviced and repaired in an honest, fair, and totally upfront manner by them.”
– Mr. Bruce Halprin

“Through the PLRF’s exclusive Wholesale Auction Pre Order Program, I can pre-order and actually purchase any type of vehicle at wholesale price and never pay a retail price again.”
– Mr. Armen Shirvanian

“I can still purchase an extended Vehicle Service Contract at wholesale price to protect my Pre Loved Ride for years to come.

- Mrs. Grace Kulegian

They even sold my current vehicle (Prius) for me for so much more than the Toyota dealer offered me. By doing all of the picture taking, ad writing, listing, and dealing with the potential buyers, they maximized my selling price.
– Mr. Ed Rakosky

“The Pre Loved Ride Factory is my one stop for all of my vehicle needs. Forever More.”
– Dr. Charles Peter Morgan

“Honesty, integrity, protection, savings and amazing value as a VIP Customer for Life of the Pre Loved Ride Factory.”
– Ms. Susan Silverie

“As a Pre Loved Ride Factory Member , my drivers license and VIP Customer for Life Membership Card are the 2 things that I never leave my home without, ever.”
– Mr.David Barcelona

“Anywhere my Pre Loved Ride needs assistance, I am a 24/7 phone call away from wonderful, honest vehicle assistance from people who genuinely care about helping me as soon as possible.”
– Mr. David Chinian

I am incredibly proud to be one of the first VIP Customers for Life of the Pre Loved Ride Factory, as I have been close friends with the founder for over forty years.
Jon Kulegian

May our humble service be measured NOT by gold, but by THE GOLDEN RULE.

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Amy C. - . . .

I am convinced that this is the best way to buy and sell a car. Paul will walk you through the process of selling your car for top dollar and then also buying a car without getting gouged from car dealers. I literally saved thousands of dollars! Just a pleasant experience all around. This experience was so pleasurable that I will highly recommend this service to my friends and family!

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Veigar M. - . . .

Paul helped me buy two cars. Excellent personal service, and he shielded me from dealing with all the car stuff a regular consumer dreads! This is the way to buy cars!